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Spark Bracelets

spark by katie pere jewelry

Come get your Spark! Semi-permanent welded bracelets is where we custom fit solid gold directly on your wrist. This means your bracelet will have no clasp and should require no maintenance! It’s there to sparkle without the hassles of putting a bracelet on and off. These are semi-permanent because they can be snipped off with scissors!

To add more meaning to the moment, set your intention as the tiny Spark happens when the bracelet is welded on to your wrist. This way every time you notice your sparkle The Sparkle happens for as long as you wear them!

We only use SCS-Certified 100% recycled Gold.

Spark FAQs

Do you offer Gold Fill and Sterling Silver?

We prefer solid gold because that sparkle is hard to beat! We offer limited selection Gold-fill but it isn’t our preference as it may change over time. We currently don’t offer sterling silver.

What if I need to remove the bracelet? Can I get it re-sparked later?

Yes! If you do need to remove the bracelet please do so very carefully at the small ring used to connect the two ends. I am happy to put back on at a later date or you can mail to me to have clasps attached. I can give you the estimate of clasp cost if that time comes.

Will this give me problems going through the airport?

Nope! We have not had a problem traveling with our semi-permanent bracelets. Generally, delicate jewelry does not need to be removed during airport security.

Can I add a Charm to my bracelet?

Yes! We love adding even more sparkle and have a selection of petite charms to choose from. I have a clasped bracelet I would like welded on... Happy to weld on a gold bracelet you already own! Costs may vary as chain styles vary. Feel free to get in touch for more info!

What about anklets and necklaces?

We can do anklets and necklaces for additional cost although don’t recommend them. The wear is not the same and anklets do break quicker than any other jewelry! That said, anklets are very fun as long as you understand at some point they could come off.