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Love Don't Cost a Thing- Free Gifts of Service Ideas for Mother's Day

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Love Don't Cost a Thing- Free Gifts of Service Ideas for Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I find myself in a conundrum. My sweet hubs and perfect children 😉 ask, "What do you want for your day?"

How do I say:  I want to be with you, but not, I want your love and affection without the responsibility, I want to be pampered as the Queen Bee then left in peace? 

We don't always need store bought gifts to feel special, most times it truly is the thought that counts.

5 Free Gifts of Service for Mom

1. Flowers and Greenery Bouquet 

Our own yards hold more magic than we think. Help the kiddos take scissors and go explore for flowers and greenery. Check out this Better Homes and Gardens article for ideas!

Arrangements from your Backyard  

2.Hugs and Kisses all day, but no questions 

These last 2 months, we all have been living extra close to each other. Kids naturally have lots of questions for the their parents, but we aren't readily available every minute of every day to answer them. I have found, with my seven year old, that he asks me one question about every five minutes. Now I adore this little, hilarious soul, but please, peace already! This Mother's Day encourage kiddos to shower their Mom with hugs and kisses, but keep the questions for emergencies only.

3. Prepare Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Mom with no Mess 

Many Mom's out there are the chefs of the house. This Mother's Day give her the wonderful gift of NOT planning, preparing, serving, and cleaning up after 3 meals. Give this some forethought and plan a simple menu that is easy to execute without asking Mom a thing!

Breakfast: Avocado Toast and Mimosa's - check out this Cookie and Kate article for the variation of avo toast that suits Mom best! And can't miss with a delish, perfect Mimosa recipe!

Lunch: Simple and Delicious this BBQ Chop Chicken Salad will be a hit!

Dinner: Check out this article from Delish for amazing yet easy recipes for Mom! They have everything from Creamy Lemon Chicken Farm that looks to die for to Balsamic Steak Salad... 17 Best Mother's Day Dinner Ideas

4. Handmade Cards and Gifts - It may sound too simple but us Mom's love a handmade gift from our kiddos especially one that took a little time and effort. These are the things we hold on to forever and tear up when we find in a box in 20 years. 

See this article from House Beautiful for great ideas: 33 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts They'll Actually Want

5. Deep Clean without Her - Send Mom off to relax in a bath or read a book out in the yard or Netflix binge in another room, then get to work! Go after those hard to reach places that require hands and knees scrubbing. Do the windows and the screens. Do the toilets and tiles in the showers. Organize the kids bedroom and make a donations bin.

ALL WITHOUT MOM. Key idea here, do not ask Mom about any of it. Try not to even tell her what your attempting or she may try to get involved! Have her find a space where she can relax while this is all happening then surprise her with a job well done! 




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